“I met Esther for the first time at the Improve On The Move Symposium 2018, which she organized herself for the 4th time. Where she managed to gather 150 people as well as several very interesting speakers. She also did a presentation there herself, in a very motivating way. Esther is a very motivated professional and is able to transfer this motivation to her public during the lecture. An extra advantage is that Esther can speak about her own experience, as she is still active in a busy veterinary clinic. I know Esther, in conclusion, as an experienced, motivated and inspiring speaker.”


Tim Waelbers, manager companion animals Ceva Benelux



“At Hills Pet Nutrition we have asked Esther a number of times to speak for us at congresses, in-house readings, and for training seminars. In each instance, Esthers enthusiasm for her work and the motivation she shares with fellow veterinary technicians and veterinarians was clear to see. She is extremely involved with the health and wellbeing of not only pets, but also their owners and fellow employees within a clinic. Esther is always looking for new opportunities to expand the services as well as the quality of the healthcare within a clinic. Her ideas are shared with simplicity and clarity. Her motivational speeches on animal weight loss programs and veterinary assistant office hours are legendary; and she can back up her stories with the positive results from her own experiences in the clinic where she works”.

Job van der Lek, DVM Field Sales Manager Hill’s Pet Nutrition


“In my opinion, Esther instills the rare qualities and drive that many individuals in our profession lack. She is self-motivated and very excitable to work with. It is through her motivation, clear communication, and innovative ideas that Esther has helped countless veterinary professionals achieve their goals through her speaking and coaching opportunities. If you want someone that is driven and will give 200%, Esther is by far the best choice”.

Eric Garcia, CEO | IT & Digital Consultant         

“Esther is a enthusiastic speaker, easy to work with and clear in her communication. In her lectures she provides lots of easy to implement ideas. Interaction with the audience is something that she does really well. I already work with Esther for almost 15 years and she did always an awesome job. She can speak about many subjects and is up to because she is still a vet-tech (already for 25 years full-time)”.

Helen van der Wal, senior marketingmanager Merck (MSD)


“I am fortunate that I have been able to follow several lectures given by Esther Klok in the past. I have also worked with her to organize lectures. What I really appreciate about Esther is her spontaneity and professionalism. Everything is perfectly organized well in advance and well structured. When Esther gives a lecture, the whole room is absorbed by her enthusiasm and positivism. Esther knows how to attract and keep the attention of her audience throughout the lecture. Her presentations run very smoothly, including a lot of visual material and practical examples that are very precious for her public. I definitely recommend Esther. You will immediately experience how nice it is to work with her”.

Bruno Ballieu, Veterinarian and Service Implementation Consultant at Vetoquinol




“Every lecture Esther manages to grip the audience due to her enthusiastic positive and open minded nature. With her clear voice she takes them by the hand telling about new insights. Responsive to and in dialogue with here audience she determents and points out new possibilities and opportunities that comes with it for the profession.

Practical, founded information, beneficiary for the animals, leaving behind a bunch of enthusiastic students”.

Matthieu Drummen, Veterinairian and teacher Vet techs/nurses


“I just wanted to say thank you for your contribution to our Continuing Education events in South Africa. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with - thank you for getting clear presentations to us before our deadlines. We love that the presentations included so many pictures and videos as this proved to be a powerful way to get the message across on the benefits of Fear Free. The many practical tips were really valued by our attendees. In fact, at the time, we had a record attendance on our webinar when you presented. It seems it really is a hot topic in South Africa and Namibia and we look forward to hosting you again both virtually and hopefully in real life in the not too distant future”.

Sr Brigid Goudie, Professional Veterinary Affairs Specialist Hill's Pet Nutrition South Africa



“Esther is an enthusiastic veterinary technician who is excellent in motivating and challenging her colleagues. A hard worker, when she speaks, she emanates such a positive flow and energy, it stays with the listener for weeks. The positive and practical tips that she imparts gives you hardly a choice but to use them with pleasure in your practice. In short, a speaker who has something to offer, who with her practical experience and useful tips can motivate well and doesn’t hesitate to promote new ideas”.

Thamar de Lange, DVM and participant lectures and in-house training.


“I know Esther as a speaker with passion and conviction. In the past few years I have experienced Esther three times as a speaker at a conference she has organized herself and in addition several times as a speaker at other conferences and training days. She speaks with enthusiasm and always has a clear goal in mind. She succeeds time and time again in motivating and inspiring her audience”.

Jelle Puype, VTM, Hill’s Pet Nutrition


“I had the opportunity to work with Esther on a webinar for veterinarians and nurses. All the time, I had a very good communication with Esther, we agreed on everything and in addition, it was fun during our calls. The webinar itself was a great success. Esther can speak very engagingly and in a very clear way. She often speaks from her experiences and obviously she has a lot of them. She can attract everyone with her speaking and you're waiting for what else you can learn from her :) Personally, I am really looking forward to further cooperation with Esther and I firmly believe that we will meet in person one day”.


MVDr. Radka ńĆechová, professional consulting veterinarian at Hill's Pet Nutrition in Czech Republic & Slovakia


“Your presentation given for our veterinary doctors from Russia, has been magnificent! Clear, understandable and very useful information for the veterinarian. The videos have been impressive and show how planning the Fear Free concept in a clinic is simple but with great results, for the veterinarian, the pet owner and of course the most important, the pet. Thank you for your time, participation and professionalism”.

DVM Kamilio Rivera, Director of Operation LAVC


“I recently participated in Ms. Esther's lecture about the introduction to the fear free method. I must say, it was amazing! Esther was so excited whenever we had questions which just encouraged us to participate even more. She made us feel like there really were no stupid questions. It was such an interesting presentation as well, easy to follow and engaging. The videos also were great and it put a smile on my face to see that the patients in Esther's clinic were happy to be there :) Esther really put us all in a fear free environment and made us feel very welcome. She was more than happy to share her knowledge and experiences with us. Overall very well done presentation and lecture. 5 very bright stars and 10/10 :) “.

Anna Piterow, vet participant


“As a recent graduate in the year when pandemic hit, starting working and volunteering with shelters in Nepal was all new for me. Out in the world where working with furry creatures,who did not

understand I was trying to help them be better was hard, and that made work a little frustrating. Adding to the stress and increasing fear was never my intention, but could also rarely be avoided. Fear Free webinar has introduced me to new ways to handle my patients better and create a compatible environment for everyone. Cannot wait to embark on this new world of fear free journey. Thank you, Esther, for you lecture, I understood your every words and the knowledge you wished to transfer reached the destination in my brain successfully”.

Iebu Devkota, Nepal vet